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British English vs. U.S. English film vs. movie Straight Dope Message Board.
Film" and movie" are used interchangably as far as I can tell, drawing some ire from those who think it improper to call movies orginating from video films. Film" and movie" are somewhat interchangeable, or, at least, there's' a huge area of overlap.
nouns Difference between movie, film" and motion" picture" English Language Usage Stack Exchange.
Movie is short for moving picture or motion picture which I have not heard too much, and can refer both to a single show and to the film industry when in the plural form, the movies. Film obviously derives from the fact that the images were/are impressed on a roll film not for digital cameras of course.
Difference between Film and Movie Film vs Movie.
Key difference: The term film is commonly applied to movies of an artistic or educational nature and is not expected to have broad, commercial appeal. Whereas, the term movie is applied to commercial cinema aimed at a large viewing audience, in hopes of making profit.
Whats the difference between the terms, film and movie? library@esplanade Blog Archive library@esplanade.
Ironically, cinema, although it is a French word, is derived from the Greek kinein to move: thus, whether we say cinema or movie, we are talking about an art form that was once known as moving pictures appropriately named because the pictures really moved. There is nothing pejorative about the word movie; certainly some of the greatest examples of film art ever produced are, and always will be, movies.
Film Wikipedia.
A film" goer, movie" goer, or film" buff" is a person who likes or often attends films and movies, and any of these, though more often the latter, could also see oneself as a student to films and movies or the filmic process.
What is the difference between a movie and a film? When is it appropriate to use each term? Quora.
In terms of how the two words differ in usage, I know that I tend to use the word movie" to mean a feature film a piece of drama or documentary inteneded for cinema release which runs at about 90 minutes even though the techincal definition of a feature is anything that runs over 45 minutes.
Film vs movie Which is the best term to use?
Regardless of usage stats, it would seem that increasingly movie is the better descriptive word. I say this because movie is apparently a shortened form of moving pictures and something is a moving picture whether shot digitally or on traditional film stock.

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